Total Spiritual Protection Transformation Part 1

This is the first course in the Spiritual & Psychic Development series. Learn how to keep your energy safe with this free 3-week course that comes with video tutorials, meditations, a printable workbook, and action steps to get you started on learning how to protect yourself and those you love energetically and spiritually whether you are a seasoned psychic or just staring your spiritual path!

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Holly Janes ME.d, CLC, CHt, RMT

I am a spiritual life coach and I’ve loved All Things Paranormal since I was a small child. I studied everything I could involving ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, elementals, gods, angels, demons, and have had many paranormal experiences over my life. I went to school for psychology and mental health because I originally wanted to work as a profiler, and was going to start out as a clinical forensic psychologist. This career path was interesting to me for a couple of reasons. 1. I love that side of psychology and 2. I knew some of the people in criminal & mental health systems were haunted by spiritual attachments and I wanted to help them. My spirit guides had a different plan for me though. They insisted I take all of the information I learned over the years and teach it to you. My soul job on this earth is to help you learn who you are as a soul, so you can heal your karma, remove attachments, develop your natural psychic abilities, and ultimately go back home!

In this course you learn:

  • How to spiritually protect yourself, your family, your pets, your home, and your car from negative energy and beings

  • How to use energy techniques that actually work

  • You will learn how to make time for YOU

  • Learn to feel calmer

  • There are many videos that are easy to follow

  • There is a downloadable workbook to keep you on track

  • This course can be learned by anyone, no matter what your spiritual level is

  • Learn entirely online at your own pace

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Total Spiritual Protection Transformation 1 Introduction

    • Course Directions

    • Social Media

  • 2

    Week 1: Clearing the Clutter

    • Mini-Meditation

    • What's Going Well?

    • Desired Goals

    • Your Motivator

    • Anchoring Your Motivation

    • Action Steps

    • Week 1 Quiz

    • Aha's and Appreciations

  • 3

    Week 2: The White Light

    • Mini-Meditation

    • What's Going Well?

    • Challenges

    • The White Light

    • How to Use the White Light

    • White Light Meditation

    • Ways to Use the White Light

    • Action Steps

    • Week 2 Quiz

    • Aha's and Appreciations

  • 4

    Week 3: The Purple Light

    • Mini-Meditation

    • What's Going Well?

    • Challenges

    • The Purple Light

    • The Purple Light Meditation

    • Action Steps

    • Week 3 Quiz

    • Aha's and Appreciations

    • Google Review

Total Spiritual Transformation

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